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Don't All Thank Me At Once

The new book, DON'T ALL THANK ME AT ONCE: THE LOST POP GENIUS OF SCOTT MILLER from 125 Press is now available. "A finely tuned exploration of Game Theory [and Loud Family] founder Scott Miller's life and work sheds light on the late singer-songwriter's literate pop rock and sadly underappreciated talent." --Holly George-Warren, author of A Man Called Destruction, The Life and Music of Alex Chilton

Thanks to Mike Appelstein of St. Louis' Riverfront Times for the first press writeup!

We've also been written up in Dangerous Minds.

Look here for my latest in OffBeat, the New Orleans arts/culture magazine where I'm a former editor and avid contributor. I can also be found covering Boston shows on Arts Fuse.

Finally, some digitized clips of my Boston Globe writings from the '80s can be found here. Come along and relive those nights at the Rat and the Channel!

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