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"Brett Milano's finely tuned exploration of Game Theory founder Scott Miller's life and work sheds light on the late singer-songwriter's literate pop rock and sadly underappreciated talent. As Aimee Mann once said of Miller's combo the Loud Family, "I was truly shocked that band didn't get more attention," Milano also delves into the vagaries of the '80s and '90s record business and college-rock scene."
-- Holly George-Warren, author of A Man Called Destruction: The Life and Music of Alex Chilton
The first comprehensive history of Boston rock and roll, from the streetcorner doo-woppers in the 50s to the beachside ballrooms and the psychedelic halls of the 60s, the sweaty heyday of the Rat and the Channel, the 70s superstar era and the 90s indie-rock goldrush. Interviews with Aerosmith, Mission of Burma, the Cars, the Pixies, J. Geils and many other local luminaries.
"Brett Milano has been caring about music for decades now -- no small feat. He is worth listening to, as is the music whose story he tells here. My beloved Boston scene... I miss it like hell. So kind of Brett to take us back there for a while."
-- Kristin Hersh, Throwing Muses
"Brett's been such a long-standing poetic bystander of the Boston rock scene that this book flows like ecstatic feedback, with all the tasteful screeches, kerrangs and harmonics that mark a true believer."
-- Amanda Palmer
First published in 2001 and more timely than ever! This book looks at the phenomenon of record collecting through the lives and obsessions of the famous and not-famous folks who go to extreme lengths to track down those Holy Grails. Thurston Moore thrives on the renegade, archival nature of collecting. As a teenager, Peter Buck hitchhiked 15 miles to get an LP the night of its release. R. Crumb speaks fondly of rare, flexible 78s. And Lyres frontman Jeff "Monoman" Conolly continues his quest for the perfect grooves.
"There's no real defendable reason for this compulsion, this mania, this terrible malady. But in Vinyl Junkies, Brett Milano does seem to make sense of it all."
-- From
These rock & roll fiction anthologies also include contributions from Clea Simon, Keith Decandido, Jefferson Starship lyricist Jeannette Sears, and many others.
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